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Fieldcats' Mission
In the world of marketing, the best decisions are made based on the best research, particularly Qualitative Research. The investment of billions of dollars and years of planning depend upon predicting outcomes based on detailed and often complex user studies. Get it wrong and the livelihood of thousands could be at risk...so get it right.

Fieldcats is well respected for "getting it right". When time is critical, when projects are either global or in unfamiliar markets, or when additional resources are required for field management tasks...we can help.

We have earned the loyalty of our clients by providing a level of skill and service unmatched by our peers, adding tremendous value to each of the studies with which we are associated...with down to earth personalities and complete transparency.

Why is it so important to hire an Independent Field Manager?

Most companies are unaware that over ninety-five percent (95%) of professional listings for field management companies are actually recruiters first and field managers second. This means they are required to use their own database and internal resources, whether they're a good fit for the research or not. That is a key difference between them and a truly independent field management company like us.

We select the best recruiters and partners for the specific type of research; we have no recruiters on staff, no allegiances to any individuals or groups whatsoever, and no hidden contractual agreements. Unlike our competitors, we use the best folks for the job. Period.

Recruiting the right participants is the foundation of effective research.

Why do you believe potential clients should do business with you rather than with a competitor? What sets you apart? — CSTV (February 2016)
"What sets us apart is that we have a background working within the research company side of the industry. Many of our competitors are large recruiting firms; these big-box shops maintain their own databases and are often limited in resources. Our experience working for large market research agencies means we understand the depth of resources required to get the job done correctly. We are a truly independent, specialty shop and pride ourselves on our flexibility to do whatever is needed to make the research successful. " -

Tiffany Schwalm


Beginning her market research career in 2004, Tiffany has become a trusted partner for conducting global qualitative research studies. Tiffany's "can-do" mentality has earned her a reputation in the industry for being able to manage even the most complex projects with grace and precision. With over a decade of experience she has developed the foresight to ward off problems before they even happen. Seasoned and fearless, Tiffany is always willing to work 110% to make sure her clients are happy!

Tiffany's experience in the industry spans both qualitative and quantitative research, with past employers including Doyle Research, Stratalys Research & Consulting, Hall & Partners, watchLAB and FUELglobal. Throughout her tenure in the industry, Tiffany has cultivated relationships with the best in the biz; whether it's choosing a good partner for B2B research in Bangalore or finding physicians in Philly, Tiffany knows who to use and why. Her areas of expertise include screener development, ethnographies, mixed methodology studies, multi-market and global research, and online research.

Tiffany holds a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in Music Performance from The New School, in New York City. She attributes her success as a project manager to the discipline and focus learned by her training as a classical musician. Countless hours in the practice room honing her violin skills taught Tiffany how to persevere and stay calm even in the most stressful situations. Tiffany has recently moved from Chicago to bright and sunny Austin, where she resides with her husband, son and two dogs. In addition to occasionally breaking out her violin and playing in local ensembles, Tiffany enjoys CrossFit, experimental baking, promoting and attending classical music performances, and spending time with her awesome family.