Ad Agencies, PR Firms or
Corporate Marketing Departments
You are in a position where you need to conduct qualitative research. What now?
Your company has internal resources for moderation and analysis but needs assistance finding respondents. Where do you turn?
Have you thought about whether or not you need to hire a third party research partner, such as a market research company or an independent moderator?
How our consulting has helped clients in similar situations:
Company A
Was referred to us for our expertise in conducting online research. They had some ideas for a possible study but they were unsure of the best way to approach the research, and they needed help finding the right respondents. Not only were we able to guide them through making the right choices for their methodology and meet their global recruiting needs, we were able to successfully manage their project and make them look good!
Company B
Was referred to us by an independent moderator. In this particular situation their internal staff was managing both moderation and analysis, and they just needed someone to be able to find respondents to come to their offices for some quick qual. We were able to step in and successfully recruit their project and find them the right respondents for their research. And in record time!
Company C
Was referred to us for our expertise in the healthcare industry. They needed to conduct some qualitative research and had questions around next steps. We were able to ease their worries about recruitment and also refer an amazing moderator with tons of industry experience. Recruitment experts and matchmakers, that's us!
Let us help you organize your approach and find solutions that fit both your budget and project scope.
FieldCats regularly works with many terrific research companies and independent moderators around the globe and can help pair you with professionals that have depth of knowledge in your industry to help meet your research goals. Our global network allows us to hire seasoned moderators, find fantastic research venues, arrange simultaneous translation, manage translations, and arrange briefings with local teams. Contact us to find out how we can fill in the gaps for you!