Independent Moderators
Do you struggle finding reliable partners?
Do you struggle with managing your time fielding qualitative research studies?
No time to write a quality screener?
Find out how we can help you grow your business and leverage your time:
Vendor Selection

Searching for the best recruiter, the best facility, the best online platform, the best host for TDI's? We know who to use and why, and will save you time and money in the process!


Impress your clients with your ability to do global research! Let us help you expand your reach and generate more business. Successfully completing over 100 global studies in the last few years means we know who to use and why, when it comes to lining up local facilities, translators, and moderators.


FieldCats bids out your project and provides you with one price for the entire project. We handle all vendor invoicing and make it one simple step for you.


Un-puzzle screeners. Let's face can't recruit good respondents without a good screener. Our tried and true screener writing techniques are some of the best in the business.

Other Services

Our management fees include development of field schedules, recruitment monitoring and updates, facility setup, maintaining project budgets and timelines, and for international studies the management of local moderators, translation, simultaneous translation, and deliverables.

Let us help you make more money!
Having FieldCats onboard means you can take on more projects and increase your productivity.