Software / Online Research Professionals
"We Speak Tech"
So you've sold a project. Now what? You may have a pool of basic consumers, but this study's target is tricky. There are hundreds of recruiters and sample providers out there. Where do you turn to find this unique audience? FieldCats!
We will work directly with you OR your client — YOU CHOOSE
Direct to You

You pitch a project to your client and offer full service project/respondent management, with us as your behind-the-scenes partner

Direct to your Client

We work directly with your client, and manage the project using your software/platform

Our Services Include:
Vendor Selection

We have a global network of vetted partners and can help recruit any niche audience you need for your research.


Our global network allows us to manage translations and timelines of deliverables, translate respondent data, brief local teams for local language support, and hire moderators.


Invoicing — One bid/one price for the entire project. We handle all vendor invoicing separately to make it one simple step for you

Participant Management

Whether it's managing respondents directly within your software or reaching out to them via phone, count on us to manage these folks and get you the numbers and quality you need.

Screener Development

Send us the specs, the overall goal of the research, and any tech requirements needed for use of your software, and we'll draft a screener for you.


We aren't scaredy cats! With a background in programming quant surveys, we pride ourselves in being able to adapt our skills to any software, and program your screeners and guides.